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- Alex Elliot, Super-Affiliate
" I’ve spent $1,000’s on products and courses in the past and I can honestly say this is some of the best training I’ve seen." Corey Dulick
"Working with Jordan has been PHENOMENAL. He truly cares about your results and gives so much value!" L.D.
"All I can say is, This Stuff Works! Using the methods in his 24 Hour Product Launch course, Jordan helped me turn my idea into profit in literally 24 hours. I did what he said. I was in profit in 24 hours. Now I can do this with any idea I have. Thank you, Jordan!" - Katy A.
"Jordan knows his stuff, and has such a good way of making things so clear and simple. Very happy we connected." A.M.
Jordan is more than an affiliate marketing coach, he is a mentor who puts his mind and heart into everything he creates. It’s very simple if you follow his lead you will get results. It took me less than one week for me to create a machine that is producing results AKA commissions into my Clickfunnels account. - Lloyd Nolan
Jordan is one of the most brilliant offer creators and funnel architects I've ever met... His coaching is supportive and clear. And his strategies, when implemented are the closest thing to printing money I've ever witnessed. Long story short: RUN, don't walk and join Jordan's CORE, before he comes to his senses and raises the price to something remotely akin to the value he's offering.
- Alex Elliot
- Martin Hurley
Here's Just A TASTE Of What You Get:
  • INSTANT ACCESS to the EXPERT LAUNCH CORE Member's Area - You'll get to login to the member's area to get all the downloads of current and past courses and funnels... Including the popular "24 Hour Product Launch Course"! ($997 Value)
  • CORE Member Recognition and Early Access - Anytime I produce a new or improved tool, you get it FIRST! Plus CORE Recognition in the Facebook Group! (#CORE!)
  • Exclusive ACCESS - Get direct access to our Elite Coaching Crew, including Jordan! Whenever you have a question, you can directly get help via our support line! ($297/m Value)
  • NEW Funnels Each Month - My highest converting Funnel library, battle tested and ready to launch! (#Moooney!)
  • All Email Swipes​- Get my high-engagement Emails for each funnel that is produced. ($197 Value) Fortune in the follow-up!
  • ALL MY FUTURE FUNNELS - Active members will have first access to any other funnels or tools I build. They'll be available for $297- $997 individually, or free with this membership. (Priceless)
  • CORE Referral Program - CORE Members understand the value, and therefore can promote and earn from sharing with others at a 40% Monthly Commission.


If you use my tools to their full extent, and do not see at least 2X return on what you pay for this membership, you can cancel, and I'll coach you until you get it.
Funnel 1: IG "Link Tree" Funnel
Bridge IG Into Conversions!
VALUE: Replaces $72/Year Link Tree Service
Instagram is a powerful organic traffic strategy - and now I'm empowering you with a funnel that can translate your IG visitors into conversions! 

In this funnel you get 3 versions. One can be used to send traffic directly to any sales Funnel, one is great for introducing yourself with multiple links for them to choose from, and the third is a tripwire style funnel to collect leads by giving away some type of guide or gift. 
Funnel 2: CORE CF Course
White-Label CF Masterclass
VALUE: Saving Over 100 Hours Of Your Time, Plus All Lifetime Affiliate Commissions You Can Earn! (Priceless)
When promoting Clickfunnels, one of the biggest problems is helping people get over the learning curve. And short of creating your own course or teaching them individually - you'll want a SOLID solution that you can quickly provide as a bonus or even a lead-gen tool. 

It's a fully WHITE-LABEL solution to provide to your audience. Simply import into your account, swap out all your affiliate links, and give directly to your users. You can also help coach them through any problems they may face through your own support portal. 

Funnel 3: OFA Challenge Funnel
Get 100% Commissions on the CF One Funnel Away Challenge!
VALUE: Approximately $5,500 to hire a team to build the funnel for you - or 3+ weeks to build yourself.
This "MYSTERY CHALLENGE" Funnel Template positions the One Funnel Away Challenge to being the answer of trying LOTS of other things, but never seeing success. 

Get our funnel scripts and email swipes too.

Funnel 4: Compliance Funnel
Keep yourself compliant and above-board!
VALUE: Hours of your own time researching and creating your own pages... potentially overlooking true compliance.
Compliance is a HOT TOPIC right now. When you're just starting out, you don't think much about compliance rules, and often plan on "getting away with it". Unfortunately, if you have plans to be successful, you cannot have this mindset. 

Once you get BIG, this stuff can hit you like a brick wall. It's best to learn the strategies now, and this tool will RADICALLY speed up your funnel compliance.
Funnel 5: LM Funnel
An incredible program with a solid affiliate structure!
We've worked exclusively with Dave Sharpe to bring you special access, tools, and affiliate consideration!
This funnel gives you access to the LM Training System AND priority consideration into their affiliate program... plus several pages to help you promote their program for low, continuity AND high ticket commissions! Just plug in, customize, and send traffic!
24 Hour Product Launch
Ever wonder how you can launch your product within 24 hours?
Get Ready to LAUNCH!!
FULLY commit to learning the topics put into steps. I promise you this skillset will change your life and business forever.
Digital Consulting Bootcamp
This course is CURRENTLY being sold online for $2,000 and has created multiple 6-figure earners in their own businesses.
This course will show you exactly how to become a highly paid, and highly respected consultant or marketer, and get HIGH TICKET clients on demand. 

It's the EXACT skillset that helped launch my own agency, running marketing for local clients at about $2k-$3k per month, per client... DOING THE THINGS I ALREADY KNEW HOW TO DO!  |  All Rights Reserved  |  Terms and Conditions
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