1. This membership is intended for long term growth in your business - be willing to play the long game. If you are joining for just one tool or funnel, you're joining for the wrong reasons... Please consider joining as an investment in your long term success.

2. Your ACTIVE Membership gives you license to use the CORE Funnels and Tools during your membership, you do not own the tools at any point (unless specifically stated). You have license to use the tools provided at a very low monthly rate and remains active as long as your membership is active.

3. If at any point you are unhappy with the membership, have problems, or wish you cancel, you agree to reach out to us at to provide expedited responses and assistance.

4. You may NOT share the tools, funnels, or training with anyone outside of the membership at any time, unless clearly stated otherwise in the membership (ie, Viral Funnels, etc).

5. REFUNDS / CANCELLATIONS: Due to the "Share Funnel", custom delivery, and intellectual property of this membership, we have a "no refund policy" to avoid digital theft. We do offer refunds for rebills of memberships (second month billings) within 3 days of rebill (within 72 hours) You may cancel your membership at any time. Here's why...

Digital theft is real. If you buy a pair of shoes, take them home, then go back to the store and take your money back too. That's theft. The digital world is no different. Hard work for a valuable product, and important intellectual property laws help and allow us to protect it. 

6. "Faulty Products" - we will exchange, fix, or repair any product you purchase or experience in this membership at no cost. Please contact us if a product has an issue, we'll happily address.

7. NO INCOME GUARANTEES: Our tools are built to empower your business, but there is no guarantee of any result, income or otherwise. Marketing involves potentially substantial risk of loss. All results are based on your education, work, experience, implementation and strategy. We make no claims that infer or suggest you will make any money. That's not legal or ethical.

8. NO DRAMA  - In this growing CORE Membership - you are getting thousands of dollars worth of training, coaching, and tools to use in your business for pennies on the dollar. This is our way of giving back and serving the community. Complaining and causing drama for our company, or in our incredible and supportive Facebook group may result in removal from the CORE and the group. This is an encouraging and uplifting community full of people of value. One bad apple ruins the lot. Let's grow, and help each other grow. Please see this video in it's entirety to understand if you're a good fit. You can reach out to our support team directly if you see, or have any issues that need addressing.

These terms may be updated at any point, with or without notice, at the discretion of the business owners and subsidiaries. 

Cool? Cool.

- The Expert Launch Team
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